International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, 3 - 6 October 2006

"Metadata for Knowledge and Learning"

Barely a decade into its expansion, the World-Wide Web is reaching ever-broader circles of society, transforming how people learn about our rapidly-changing world.  A window onto a wealth of cultural resources, the Web is emerging as the locus of our collective memory, with profound consequences for the future of "cultural memory" institutions.

Metadata based on standards such as Dublin Core are a key component in the construction of Web-based repositories and e-learning environments in institutions such as universities, museums, government agencies, and libraries.  DC-2006 -- the sixth in a series of conferences previously held in Tokyo (2001), Florence (2002), Seattle (2003), Shanghai (2004), and Madrid (2005) -- will be held this year in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, 3-6 October 2006.

DC-2006 will cover a full range of topics related to standards and technologies for metadata.  This year, the conference theme is "Metadata for Knowledge and Learning".  This theme promises to be of particular interest to several distinct communities of practice:

  • Users of metadata standards relevant to e-learning, notably Dublin Core and Learning Object Metadata (LOM).
  • Creators of institutional repositories in cultural memory institutions such as universities, museums, and libraries, especially with regard to the "open access" movement.
  • Builders of intranet repositories and training environments in corporations and government agencies.
  • Users of related knowledge organization systems, such as thesauri, subject classifications, and corporate taxonomies.


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